Interior Design Trends For 2019

Interior designers are always evaluating the trends from the previous year and trying to predict what will be popular in the year ahead. We love to do this, not only because we want to see what worked in past designs, but also to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of the industry. We know how easy it is to make a space feel fresh and new by incorporating one or two key trending pieces, colors or ideas. In 2018, we saw a move away from more minimalist approaches to design, and towards a more layered, lived-in and curated feel. These trends are set to continue into 2019 to create warm, inviting and sustainable spaces.

Here is the design forecast for 2019:

Blush tones are here to stay. If you love those beautiful soft pinks that you have been seeing in both design and fashion in 2018 then you’re in luck because they are sticking around! Blush is the new neutral. It pairs well with grays and natural tones for a soft, calm palette, but also with bold colors like navy and forest green for more of an impact.

Blush Tones Here to Stay.jpg

Curves are coming. The straight and minimalist Scandinavian lines that have been dominating design the past few years are about to give way to more curves. We will start to see curvier lines in furnishings like sofas, armchairs and dining chairs. This will offer a more organic feel to spaces, and soften up the angular lines we are so used to seeing in furnishings.

Eco-friendly and sustainable design. People are increasingly aware of their ecological footprint and want to utilize more natural and sustainable materials in their designs. Woods, natural stone and even terrazzo will be featured more in design in 2019 to create spaces that blend luxury with practicality. And don’t forget about plants in your design – the best way to add a natural element, purify your air, and add a pop of beautiful rich green color to any space. Why not try out a living wall in 2019?


Wall art is less traditional. This year will build on the recent trends in providing options for wall decor other than traditional framed pieces and canvas artwork. Beautiful, textile tapestries are all the rage, and we will see a move towards bolder and more geometric patterns, rather than the traditional bohemian looks we have seen up to this point. The stunning woven hanging pictured below is available through World Market.

Woven Wall Hanging.jpg

Statement ceilings. This year will see a rise in the painted-ceiling trend but expand on it by focusing on ceilings as a place to make a real statement. From contrasting wallpapers, to mouldings, and even lacquer, the ceiling is the place to create an unexpected and sophisticated look. This allows us to keep walls simple and uncluttered while drawing the eye up for maximum impact that doesn’t encumber the space.

Geometric and tribal patterns. Geometric patterns are almost always in style thanks to their symmetry and repeating patterns. The year ahead will see the staying power of geometric prints in both textiles and wallcoverings, as well as the come-back of tribal patterns which have a way of instantly warming up a space. If a full-on tribal look isn’t for you, consider bringing in these patterns in pillow covers, linens and simple framed art that can easily be switched out when you tire of it. These, and other awesome tribal and geometric pillows are available through Society6.

Want to chat about an upcoming design or renovation project, or discuss how to add some of these trends into your current decor? Let’s chat! I’m currently booking new clients for 2019.